Urban Fireworks


Imagine fireworks in the city, what’s the first thing that comes to mind, disruption! Urban Fireworks believes in disrupting current methods to create impactful and explosive change.

Urban Fireworks is a multi-tier consulting and events firm that partners and collaborates with individuals, schools, and organizations. We help entities create innovative solutions to social issues that effect youth, LGBTQIA+ populations, and black women. We use design thinking models that center equitable solutions.

We offer services to encourage leaders and direct service provides to integrate beneficiaries into solution design, and see even the most marginalized communities and individuals as designers.

Urban Fireworks was founded in Washington, D.C. in 2018 to inspire community-based solutions through culturally conscious cuisine tasting events. Urban Fireworks transformed over 2018 and launched as a consulting service in 2019 with a speciality focus on linking service providers with skills to be efficient designers and disrupters.

Urban Fireworks operates on the FREEDOM II Framework and utilizes EquityxDesign as a model for innovative solution design to equip everyone as designers, and explores how history, social constructs, and personal bias impacts solution design.